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Any legal issue involving family will likely be emotional. When your family's future is in jeopardy, it's easy to become overwhelmed. Whether you're going through a divorce or trying to navigate the adoption process, a family law attorney can help you understand your options.

We at The Alexander Law Firm, LLC can provide you with objective legal counsel on your family law case. We'll listen as you tell us about your situation, and we'll outline potential solutions tailored to your unique needs.

We understand the importance of family, which is why we counsel Kansas City families on issues regarding divorce, paternity, adoption, and guardianship. You'll do anything to protect the ones you love; let us help you do so.

For a compassionate family law attorney in Kansas City, Kansas turn to The Alexander Law Firm, LLC. We also represent clients in Kansas City, Missouri, as well as those in Olathe and Wyandotte County, Kansas. Contact our office today to request a free phone consultation.

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Criminal defense You deserve

If you're facing criminal charges in Kansas or Missouri, your future is being threatened. The consequences of a criminal conviction can be devastating, not only to you but also to those you love. Protect your best interests with the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

At The Alexander Law Firm, LLC, we've been representing criminally charged clients for nearly a decade. We'll work with you to develop a strong defense aimed at reducing your sentence or dismissing your charges entirely.

Don't leave your future up to chance. Entrust the guidance of The Alexander Law Firm, LLC for skilled representation. We handle all types of criminal defense cases, from felonies to misdemeanors. We'll listen to your needs and put you on the path toward justice.

We'll help you seek the outcome you deserve. If you're in the Kansas City, Kansas or Missouri, area, contact us today to schedule a free phone consultation. We also serve clients in Olathe and Wyandotte County, Kansas.