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Dwight D. Alexander II

Attorney at Law

Born and raised in the diverse landscapes of nine different states, our attorney’s upbringing has been a tapestry woven with the threads of Georgia, California, Nevada, Michigan, Tennessee, South Carolina, Texas, Illinois, and Kansas. This journey has not only enhanced our lawyer’s understanding of many cultures and legal lenses but has molded my identity as an attorney.  

Dwight’s interest in the law sparked in the earliest moments of life. The idea that there are multiple different people – all with unique cases – battling with complex legal matters started a fire within him to make a change. As a result, our attorney started his legal career as an intern in the Wyandotte County Unified Government Legal Department and the Kansas City, Kansas Municipal Court. During his time as an intern, he crafted an idea to create a firm designed to foster a partnership with clients to provide services and counsel, striving for favorable results.  

Now, our attorney is the owner and operator of The Alexander Law Firm, LLC, and proudly serves clients in Kansas City, Wyandotte County, and Johnson County, Kansas.   

Accessible & Affordable Approach

Our team at The Alexander Law Firm, LLC understands that communication is paramount. With a deep dedication to fostering transparent and open client relationships, our attorney goes above and beyond when navigating communication. Whether it’s a phone call during an urgent matter, an email seeking clarification, or a text message addressing a concern, we are here for your best interests.  

We believe that affordability is not just a promise – but a principle we uphold with steady commitment. The quality of legal representation should be available to all without the burden of outrageous costs. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice an arm and a leg for strong and dependable legal guidance. 

"People are the most important thing to me. I'll work with an empathetic approach to help you achieve a favorable result."

A Diverse Area of Practice

Throughout our attorney’s career practicing personal injury, criminal defense, and family law, we know that sometimes, there can be crossovers in these services. Maybe there was an injury caused during a crime against you (such as theft), or domestic violence through divorce. We are here for you. While the outcome of success is our goal, it’s the moments of changing peoples’ lives for the better that are the most memorable for our attorney.  

Even after securing a victory in many of our criminal cases, it’s the opportunity to touch lives and provide assistance that we pride ourselves on. The involvement in adoption cases holds a special place in our attorney’s heart. After assisting clients in making their new families, the sense of joy is remarkable.  

Life Outside the Firm

Our lawyer’s academic journey started with undergraduate studies at Kansas State University before progressing to the University of Kansas School of Law. After spending an abundance of time in Kansas, it quickly started to feel like home. It was during his time at Kansas State University that our attorney developed a lasting connection with his wife – whose presence became an anchor.  

When spending time outside of work, our attorney’s greatest joy comes from spending quality time with his wife and children. Sports, particularly football and soccer, never fail to provide the perfect outlet for relaxation.  

Dwight’s involvement with the community is notable in the Alumni magazine as the KVC Gal of the Year for his pro bono work. These recognitions reflect our dedication to both professional excellence and community service. 

Compassionate With Passion

At The Alexander Law Firm, LLC, we walk our clients through the legal system with compassion because we understand the challenges our clients face. Having witnessed and experienced a diverse range of life's hardships, our attorney empathizes deeply with the hurdles that can arise in the legal realm. Our attorney’s aim is never to sugarcoat or deceive; instead, he relies on his knowledge to give informed counsel. Dwight D. Alexander II brings to the table not just strategic planning to build your case, but a genuine passion to guide you through your legal journey with a blend of realism, expertise, and compassion. 

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With a broad range of practice, including personal injury, criminal defense, and family law, we can address your needs and lead you through the challenges that come with the legal system. From facing a criminal charge to extending your family through the adoption process, our team can provide guidance throughout the entire process from start to finish.  

Rely on our trusted legal assistance and schedule a consultation today. We have the knowledge, experience, and resources to give you the peace of mind you need. Contact us at The Alexander Law Firm, LLC, today for help. We proudly serve clients in Kansas City, Wyandotte County, and Johnson County, Kansas. 

Bar Admissions

  • Kansas

  • Missouri


  • J.D. - University of Kansas School of Law

  • B.A. - Kansas State University

Professional Associations

  • Kansas Bar Association

  • Missouri Bar Association

  • Wyandotte County Bar Association

Becca McIntyreBecca McIntyre

Paralegal / Child Support Specialist

Becca is an experienced and compassionate paralegal who previously served as head paralegal at the Wyandotte County, Kansas District Court Trustee's office. Becca runs point on all office operations and has been helping clients navigate the legal system since 2003.


  • Associates Degree