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Divorce Attorney in Kansas City, Kansas

Many people often enter their marital union in good faith and obey their marriage vows – to love and honor their partner all the days of their life. However, things don't always turn out as anticipated. In the event of a relationship breakdown, seeking a divorce can be a possible way to end your marriage. However, the divorce process in Kansas is usually complex and overwhelming and may involve delicate emotions. 

If you are considering filing for divorce, are already amidst the process, or have just been served with divorce papers, you need to speak with a seasoned Kansas family law attorney for legal advice. At The Alexander Law Firm, LLC, we proudly give legal guidance and support to clients in family law and divorce-related matters. As your legal counsel, we can analyze your divorce options, direct you through the legal process, and help you make intelligent decisions. 

The Alexander Law Firm, LLC, proudly serves clients across Kansas City, Kansas, and the surrounding areas of Wyandotte County and Johnson County. 


Divorce in Kansas 

Divorce involves the legal procedures taken to end, dissolve, or terminate a marriage lawfully. In the state of Kansas, divorce may be classified into two – contested and uncontested divorce. 

Contested Divorce 

Contested divorce involves a divorce where the spouses are not able to agree on one or more crucial terms of the marital dissolution. When divorce is contested, the parties will turn to the Kansas court to help resolve any ongoing divorce and family law matters.  

The judge will schedule a hearing, listen to both parties, review evidence, and issue a final decree to finalize the divorce case. A knowledgeable attorney can present your case diligently and improve your prospects of achieving a favorable verdict. 

Uncontested Divorce 

Conversely, uncontested divorce involves a divorce where both spouses are able to mutually agree on the important provisions of the divorce settlement, including alimony, property division, child custody, child, and parenting time. All agreed-upon terms will be properly documented in the marital settlement agreement and filed with the Kansas court to be officially approved.  

Uncontested divorces are usually cost-efficient and stress-free. Also, you can finalize your divorce case quickly. A dedicated lawyer can advocate for your best interests and help keep the conversation focused. 

Eligibility to File for Divorce in Kansas 

However, only individuals who meet the state's residency requirement can get a divorce in Kansas. To be eligible for divorce, you or your lawfully married partner must have been living in the state for at least sixty (60) days prior to filing your divorce petition. 

Grounds for Divorce in Kansas 

Kansas is a hybrid fault state for divorce. According to Kansas laws, married couples may seek divorce based on either - no-fault or fault grounds (in case one spouse was guilty of marital misconduct). The acceptable grounds for divorce in Kansas are as follows: 

  • Incompatibility ("no-fault" grounds). 

  • Failure to perform a material marital obligation or duty. 

  • Incompatibility due to one spouse suffering from mental incapacity or mental illness. 

When you file your divorce case, you will need to wait for at least 60 days before your petition can be finalized. The waiting period is to give the couples the needed time to resolve pending divorce issues, such as alimony, division of property, child support, custody, and other crucial matters. 

How Long Does a Divorce Take? 

However, how long it may take to finalize your divorce case in Kansas will depend on the type of divorce you're seeking and other conditions surrounding your personal situation. If you're seeking a no-fault divorce, it can take anywhere between 60 days and one year for the Kansas court to finalize your case. 

If you're seeking a faulty-based or contested divorce, resolving pending issues and finalizing your divorce may take longer. Also, various matters such as having minor children, alimony requests, significant marital assets, and retirement savings can make your divorce case more complex and time-consuming. Nonetheless, working with a reliable Kansas divorce attorney is beneficial to ensure that your legal rights are well-protected at every step of the way. 

Work With a Seasoned Kansas Family Law Attorney 

Filing for divorce in Kansas can be quite complicated and may involve a lot of paperwork. Moreover, any decision you take can affect every aspect of your life, including your children, property, finances, and future relationships. Therefore, when considering filing for divorce, consulting with a seasoned family law attorney is essential to protect your best interests. 

At The Alexander Law Firm, LLC, we have the diligence and resources to assist and direct individuals and families through the complexities of divorce. Our reliable attorney can examine your unique situation and help you decide the right divorce option for you. In addition, we will help file your petition, represent you throughout the legal proceedings, and work intelligently with all parties involved to settle divorce issues peacefully and quickly.

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