Dwight D. Alexander II

Dwight D. Alexander II

Owner and Operator of The Alexander Law Firm, LLC

Dwight is a competent and experienced attorney who created the Alexander law Firm, LLC with the client in mind. Dwight started his legal career as an intern in the Wyandotte County Unified Government Legal Department and the Kansas City, Kansas Municipal Court. During his time as an intern he crafted an idea to create a firm designed to foster a partnership with his clients to ensure that his services and his counsel created favorable results.

Dwight still is apart of the Public Defenders office of the Municipal Court of Kansas City, Kansas. Although Dwight started his legal career as an intern he has branched out into numerous other legal practice areas from Personal Injury, Family Law, Criminal Defense, and Traffic violations. Dwight is a vigorous advocate for his clients and will counsel, advise, and educate his clients to ensure they make a informed decision. Dwight is dedicated to finding a personalized solution for each client because he understands that each situation is unique.


B.A. Kansas State University

J.D. University of Kansas School of Law




Bar Associations:

Kansas Bar Association

Missouri Bar Association

Wyandotte County Bar Association